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Davidson Home

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Texas City 's roots go back to the coming of the first Anglo-Americans to Texas.

One early settlement near the present city was by Lt. Jim Campbell, a follower of Jean LaFitte. Another was by James Perry, brother-in-law of Steven F. Austin.

In 1892, the three Myers brothers of Duluth , Minn. , and Capt. A.B. Wolvin bought most of the surrounding land, and changed the name of the small town from SHOAL POINT to TEXAS CITY .

These developers brought Frank Davison to be resident manager of the Texas City Improvement Company. He and his wife Florence completed their home in 1897. This house is the one shown on the front cover and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


The Texas City Heritage Association was formed in 1972 for the avowed purpose of restoring the Davison home for public use. Money was raised by private donations, and the purchased house was deeded to the city. Restoration has gone forward since 1972 with money from Community Development Funds, and grants from Atlantic- Richfield, Moody Foundation, Union Carbide Corporation, Union Carbide Volunteers and contributions from many local citizens and groups.


More than just a museum of homes, the homes are a site for popular activities, and continue to fill the role as a center of community life in Texas City . Many marriage ceremonies, receptions, tea parties and birthday parties are held here each year, and the fees collected support the upkeep of the homes.

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The Davison Home is open on the first Sunday of each month from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Outside Gazebo Parties

Arrangements can be made to rent the Davison Home for special occasions and small parties. Call (409) 229-1660for details and reservations.


Tour guides are available at $6 per person for tour buses with 15 people or more. The tour includes the history of Texas City, points of interest, and guided tours of Heritage Square and the Texas City Museum . The tour lasts approximately 5 1/2 hours. Tours can also be customized for shorter lengths. Call (409) 229-1660 for reservations.


A special thanks to the College of the Mainland Drama Department, for costumes, and to the students who participated in making some of the pictures in this brochure.


The Davison Home is constructed of cypress wood brought by ship from Louisiana . Railroad ties and steel reinforce the foundation. Construction began in 1895 and took two years to complete. It is the only house in Heritage Square that is on its original site.

Visitors to the area were often accommodated in the three-story home, and it became a setting for parties and social events. It is still available today for weddings, parties, and other organizational meetings.Davidson Home

Occupied continuously by three generations of the same family for over seventy-five years, the structure is a fine example of late Victorian architecture as revealed in homes of the upper middle-class. Not quite a mansion, it has beautiful woodwork, double parlors, a large dining room, high ceilings and a graceful entry hall and stairway.

Deep porches embrace the front side, and a round tower alcove was a favorite spot on all three floors. Much of the furniture is original.

Christmas Open House                                                                       Entry Way and Stair Case

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Engineer's CottageThis Victorian-style cottage was built by the Texas City Improvement Company prior to 1895, for an employee of the company. Originally located at 206 2 nd Avenue North in the "First Addition", it became known as the Engineer's House because of the tragic fate of an early resident. Goodson G. Chamberlin (1846-1895), a contractor for the Port, was killed by James A. Muse (1835-1900), a former lighthouse keeper of Half Moon Shoal Lighthouse, as a result of a land dispute. Muse was later acquitted of the murder. The home was brought by William Moore and John Sieber, and later owned by the John Holmstrom family of Canada . Changing ownership several times, the house was bought by Donald W. and Barbara White in 1984. The Whites deeded the house to the Texas City Heritage Association prior to it move to Heritage Square in 1991.Inside the Moore House

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The Moore home is a beautiful Victorian cottage and housed one of the more prominent families of Texas City who helped shape the path of our city's growth. Mr. William Moore was born in Canada in 1861. He married Annie Grace Sloan and moved to Minnesota to seek his fortune. He later moved to Galveston . After a visit to Texas City , he saw the tremendous potential of the area, and decided to make his home here. He was in the lumber and Marine business and was involved in the building of the Galveston Causeway and also the installation of the foundation for the Texas City Dike. He was also one of the original directors of the Texas City National Bank. One of his daughters, Margaret Moore Noble was the first woman CEO of a bank in the state of Texas .

Moore house




The house was built on another location here in Texas City and later moved here and restored. The furnishings inside the house are not the original but were hand picked by the Heritage Association to be consistent with those times.





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This house, originally located on Sixth Avenue South , was built by Robert Lee Dick and his wife Mabel Parr Dick in 1907-08. Mrs. Dick was a descendant of Jim Campbell of Campbell 's Bayou, who was a privateer with Jean LaFitte.

Debutante Reception

Mr. Dick was a rancher and cattleman with four daughters. Bertha Wetzel, one of the daughters, with her son and his family, were the last to live in the home. This house was moved to Heritage Square in 1995.

In the front yard, is a rose bush with green blossoms. This bush was moved here with great care from the yard of the Dick home because of it's history. It is believed that a seaman brought a cutting to Mrs. Dick's family at Campbell 's Bayou.

Green Blossom Rose Bush

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Texas City is located in Galveston County, Texas, a part of the Mainland Texas Gulf Coast area. Since before the turn of the century, it has a colorful, and an interesting story to tell. Whether you are living here or planning to visit, be sure to come and see the beauty and historical attractions the city has to offer.
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