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Texas City Criminal Records
Crime Records main number: (409) 643-5818
FAX: (409) 945-7923

The Texas City Criminal Records and Identification Division is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and observes all city holidays.

Fingerprinting is done Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Criminal Records & Identification Division is under the supervision of:
Police Records Supervisor Debra McGrew (409) 643-5758
Permits Laura Hall (409) 643-5770

The following charges and fees apply for services needed:
Accident Report $4.00
Basic (Public Information) Offense Report $4.00
Booking - Arrest Report $4.00
Background - Arrest History Inquiry $2.00
Fingerprinting (per card) $5.00
Analytical Reports Fees determined on a case-by-case basis
Accident Reports
You MUST provide two of these three pieces of information: the name(s) of the driver(s), the date and time of the accident, and/or the address of the accident, and the case number (if available).

  • Accident reports are available from the Records Division at 1004 9th Avenue North 3-5 days after the accident (they will not have photos, witness statements and/or scale diagrams (if these items were created for the accident report you have requested).
  • Copies of Accident Reports are available at Texas City Police Department for a six (6) month period of time following the date the accident occurred. The original report is maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and must be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety after this six-month period.
Location Inquiry/Calls for Service
Requests for "Calls for Service" should be made to the Crime Analyst, (409) 643-5818, or in person at the Texas City Police Department. This report is an actual list of the calls for police service from a specific address or listed block numbers.

  • Provide an exact address or series of block numbers and street name(s), such as 1004 9th Avenue North or the 1000 through 1300 blocks of 9th Avenue North.
  • Designate a time period within the last 20 to 24 months, such as January 1, 1999 to present. If it will take longer than 10 business days to process your request, we will notify you.
Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)/Crime Activity Reports
This is a statistical report that provides the number of criminal offenses in a specific set geographic area. The boundaries for these areas are predefined.

  • Be specific about the area you want the report to cover; police district, or citywide.
  • You MUST provide an exact address inside the designated area. This will allow us to determine district report to prepare. We cannot prepare this report by subdivision, neighborhood name, ZIP code, or other geographic boundaries other than the ones listed.
  • You MUST provide a time period. These reports are available from January 1994 through the last full month. You may order these reports by month, several months within one calendar year, or by year.
  • If it will take longer than 10 business days to process your request, we will notify you. This report must be ordered from the Crime Analyst.
Incident/Offense Reports
This is the investigative report created by the police officer(s) about the criminal offense. Please provide us with the incident/offense report number.

  • If you do not have the report number, please give us the names of the persons involved in the incident with (if possible) their dates of birth, race, sex, social security numbers and/or drivers' license numbers. The exact address, date of the incident and the type of offense will also be helpful.
  • Public release or "page one" offense report may be ordered in person from the Records Division, 1004 9th Avenue North. These reports contain a brief description of the crime, the complainant's name and address and the names of the first investigating officers. Suspect information is not listed.
  • The full offense report may or may not be available for public release, depending on case status. Each request will be evaluated as it comes to us.
Jail Arrest Record/Arrest Record
This is a computerized version of the "blotter" or form filled out by an arresting officer when booking a suspect into our jail facility.

  • You must provide the full name and date of birth of the person arrested. You must provide the exact date of the arrest.
  • If you have the type of offense and/or the incident number for the arrest, please include them with your request.
Criminal History Report/Background Inquiry Report
This report is a list of arrests for a particular person. We only provide a list of those arrests made by our agency.

  • This report is available ONLY to the person who was arrested.
  • You must come IN PERSON to the Crime Records and Identification Division of the Police Department at 1004 9th Avenue North.
  • You must bring some form of picture identification and be prepared to be fingerprinted.
  • This report covers only those arrests made by the Texas City Police Department. If you need information from other jurisdictions or agencies, you must make your request to the agency involved.
  • Charge $2.00 per inquiry
Fingerprinting is done Monday - Friday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Crime Records & Identification Division, 1004 9th Avenue North.

  • You must bring some form of picture identification.
  • Please bring your cards, if available.
  • Charge: $5.00 per card
Other Reports
Ask for the report by name if possible. If you do not know the name of the report, outline the information you are looking for as completely and specifically as you can.

  • Please include a phone number in addition to your address, so that we may contact you if we need to clarify your request.
  • Please be aware that the Texas City Police Department is prohibited by law from releasing some kinds of information.

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