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Commercial Garbage Service

Commercial garbage service is provided by Waste Connections of Texas (WCT). For service and account questions or to verify your account is set up properly, contact WCT customer service:

Phone: (281) 331-0810
Email: customerservice5132@wcnxorg

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Collection Rates - Effective February 1, 2019

Container Size
(cubic yd)

1 / week 2 / week 3 / week 4 / week 5 / week 6 / week
2 $54.71 $97.36 $145.58 $192.87 $241.09 $289.31
3 $60.27 $103.86 $168.76 $229.04 $289.31 $361.64
4 $73.26 $120.54 $180.82 $241.09 $331.04 $409.86
6 $90.87 $175.26 $264.27 $336.60 $420.98 $481.26
8 $108.49 $210.49 $318.98 $420.98 $540.60 $661.14

Screening Requirements

If your business is located in the Gateway Overlay District ( See Ord. 160.069), your dumpster(s) must be screened from view in accordance with Ordinance 160.067 (see below).


   (A)   The location of the Gateway Overlay District, also known as the Gateway Corridor, shall consist of all portions of properties adjacent and within 300 feet of the following thoroughfares:
      (1)   I-45 - Dickinson Bayou to FM 1765;
      (2)   FM 1765 - I-45 to Bay Street;
      (3)   6th Street - Texas Avenue to 19th Ave. N;
      (4)   Loop 197 North - Highway 146 to 19th Avenue N;
      (5)   Highway 146 - FM 1764 to Moses Bayou;
      (6)   FM 646 (From West City Limits to Highway 146);
      (7)   Highway 146 (From Dickinson Bayou to north city limit line);
      (8)   Century Boulevard from I-45 to Highway 3;
      (9)   FM 517 from Highway 146 to Gum Bayou;
      (10)   25th Avenue North from Amburn Road to Highway 146;
      (11)   FM 2004 from I-45 to Highway 3;
      (12)   Highway 3 from FM 1765 to north city limit line;
      (13)   FM 1764 from I-15 to 6th Street; and
      (14)   FM 3436 from SH 646 south to FM 517.
   (B)   These are as shown on the Official Zoning Map on file in City Planner’s office.



   (A)   Screening wall. Screening walls applicable to the separation of land uses, screening of satellite television reception dishes, trash receptacles and other items shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of the underlying zoning district, except as otherwise provided herein.

      (1)   Outside storage shall be screened on all sides by a solid, opaque brick or stone wall of not less than six feet in height measured at the highest finished grade, constructed in accordance with the general design standards of the city.

      (2)   Trash receptacles shall be visually screened on three sides by a solid, brick or stone wall not less than six feet in height, measured at the highest finished grade. The height of the trash receptacle shall not be permitted to exceed the height of the visual screening device. Screening shall not be required on the side used for access by garbage pickup services. Such side shall not face less than 45 degrees from any adjacent street. Trash receptacles already enclosed by a solid, brick or stone wall of at least six feet in height measured at the highest finished grade shall not be required to provide additional screening.

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