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Residential Waste Services
  • Starting February 1st the City of Texas City will provide automated garbage collection through a contract with Waste Connections of Texas. A 96-gallon roll cart will be delivered to most residents in mid-January.

    About the Containers

    • The containers are strong, well-balanced and not easily turned over by wind or animals.
    • Made of recycled plastic, the containers will not corrode, deteriorate or rust.
    • Each container has an imprinted serial number, hinged, tight-fitting lids and wheels for easy maneuverability.
    • Be sure to write down your serial number. See "Missing and Damaged Carts" below.

    Placement Requirements

    • Carts should be placed in the street by 7am with the wheels against the curb or at the edge of the paved street with the front facing the street. The automated trucks cannot service containers set out backwards.
    • Do not set garbage carts in alleyways.
    • Allow for 2 feet of space on all sides from any fence, gas meter, telephone pole, utility box, tree, shrub, additional collection container, or other potential obstruction. 
    • Vehicles should not be parked on the street near the container. Allow plenty of space for the garbage truck to maneuver in front of the cart.
    • Loose trash should be bagged to reduce litter. Individual items placed in the cart can be dropped or blown away when it is dumped, creating unsightly litter in your neighborhood and potentially clogging storm drains.
    • Only garbage contained inside the cart will be collected. Do not place bags on top of the roll cart or on the side of the roll cart.
    • Do not overfill the roll cart. Tightly compacted bags or trash inside the roll cart may not come out when serviced.

    ** Failure to comply with placement requirements will result in your garbage not being collected.**

    Garbage Cart Storage

    Garbage carts must be stored on your property in between collections. Carts may be set out as early as the night before your collection day, and must be returned to your property no later than the day after collection.

    Why do I need to store my container and keep it away from the street?

    Promptly and securely storing your cart will:

    • Ensure each neighbor takes responsibility for their own waste and carts
    • Ensure each neighbor has access to the public right-of-way
    • Improve the appearance of the streets
    • Prevent cart loss, damage, misuse and vandalism
    • Reduce litter and the potential for illegal dumping
    • Discourage waste scavengers in your neighborhood

  • Beginning on February 1, 2019, the new residential garbage collection fee will be $24/month ($22 for seniors 65+). An additional garbage cart may be requested after March 1, 2019 for an additional $5/month.

    Why are the fees increasing?

    Texas City has not raised garbage collection rates since 2012, despite the landfill and private hauling companies passing several price increases to the City over the years. This adjustment brings the city closer to covering the actual cost to collect residential waste and to provide many other solid waste services not offered by other communities.   

    When comparing to other cities, consider the level of service. Texas City provides the most comprehensive solid waste service in the greater-Houston area, including:

    • Weekly unbundled brush collection.
    • Weekly bulky waste collection.
    • Garbage collection twice per week.
    • Daily access to the Biosphere Recycling Center.
  • Residents may request an additional garbage cart using the form below. There is a $5/month service fee for the additional cart.
    Name on Water Bill
    Phone Number
    Confirm Email:
  • Driveway collection is provided to physically challenged citizens who are sole residents at the address where service is requested, unless all other residents at the service address have disabilities which prevent them from placing waste items at the curb for collection.

    To download and print the application form, click here. If unable to print and mail, hard copies are available at the Biosphere Recycling Center drive-thru window.

  • Missing or Damaged Containers
    • If your cart is missing, first check the surrounding area to ensure it hasn't blown away or been mistakenly brought in by a neighbor. This is why it is important to write down your serial number.
    • If unable to locate, call (409) 643-5810 for a replacement. A fee of $55 may be applied to your account. Additional fees may be applied for excessive lost containers.
    • If your cart is damaged, call (409) 643-5810 for a replacement. Fees may be applied to your account based on the damage.
  • Texas City residents may recycle by dropping off acceptable items at the Biosphere Recycling Center. For a list of acceptable materials and other information about the Biosphere, please click here.

    • Curbside Recycling options are monitored on an ongoing basis. Staff briefs the Mayor on changes with recycling changes with the recycling industry. We anticipate recycling markets to need another year or two to stabilize before a curbside program could be effective.
  • Brush and bagged leaf/lawn clippings collection is provided once per week to all City residential solid waste customers. Collection days vary due to fluctuations in brush volume. Simply place your brush pile in front of your home, following the guidelines below, and our truck will pick it up.

    Brush Pile Guidelines

    • no longer than 8 feet in length
    • place brush piles within 12 feet of the curb or edge of the road
    • do not mix any other material into the brush
    • do not place brush piles near vehicles, fences mailboxes, utility boxes, meters, or any other obstructions.
    • do not place brush beneath overhead wires or tree limbs
    • do not place brush on the street
    • must use clear or translucent bags for leaf/lawn clippings
  • Bulky item collection is provided to all City residential solid waste customers.

    Bulky item – defined as residentially generated stoves, water heaters, mattresses, washing machines, furniture, refrigerators and air conditioners (which have CFC’s removed and tagged by a certified technician) and other materials other than Construction Debris.

    Collection Frequency

    The City of Texas City provides bulky item collection once per week on your first garbage collection day of the week. For example, if you are on the Tuesday/Friday schedule, bulky items will be collected on Tuesday.

    Bulky Pile Guidelines

    • Set out bulky items no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.
    • Place bulky item piles within five (5) feet of the curb or edge of the street.
    • Do not place bulky item near garbage carts, parked cars, fences, trees, mailboxes, beneath overhead wires, low-hanging tree limbs, or on top of water meters.
    Bulky Item and Out of Compliance Waste Disposal Alternative
    • The city offers “Pay Pile” collections (for a fee) to residents with “out of compliance” debris or items that exceed regular collection.
    • Additionally, Residents with a current copy of their water bill may be able to dispose of some materials at the Biosphere recycling center located at 3301 Loop 197 North.
    • Call 409-643-5810 for more information.
  • Residents in Texas City outside of the water distribution system will need to set up an account by February 1, 2019 with the City of Texas City Utility Billing department in order to receive trash collection without interruption.

    To set up your account, please fill out the Garbage Only Account Form and email to Irene Fattig. 

    For information about trash service call 409-643-5810.

    For account and billing information call 409-643-5923.

  • There are 6 holidays per year when garbage will not be collected:

    • New Year's Day
    • Independence Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas

    If your collection day falls on a one of these holidays, your garbage will be collected on the following regularly scheduled collection day.

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